mogul FAQ

okoolos rimmer

okoolos rimmer

Apr 09, 2020 — 2 mins read

What is mogul?

Mogul is a collection of tools to track trading profits as well as other various activities like manufacturing and skill training.

How does mogul track profits?

It compares buy and sell transactions adjusted for taxes. Its FIFO (first in first out).If you don't have a buy transaction for an item it will NOT track profit unless you add item to stock (in item details).

Where are settings and tokens?

Click bell icon in upper right corner.

I registered but nothing is showing up?

Make sure you add data tokens for your trade character and corp. First time mogul will pull 3 months worth of transactions so it might take a while. If you have been inactive for a while you ned to make sure your tokens aren't flagged and edit & save them if they are.

How often does mogul pull my transactions?

Higher tier users have priority in the queue but generally speaking it should be every hour.

Can I track profits from selling my loot/manufactured items?

Only if you add them using the "add stock" in item details "view stock" option. 

Can I edit individual item profits?

yes you can by clicking the profit in a sell transaction. After a while it will be reflected in reports.

Does mogul track taxes?

Yes it uses the tax values you entered in settings. Keep in mind that after recent changes it became impossible to tell exactly how much you paid for order updates.

What are portfolios?

Portfolio is a user created basket of goods that can be tracked based on price movements of individual items. They can be used to keep track of various market sectors market indices and build cost trackers.

What are market sectors?

Market sectors are baskets of most popular items in a specific market segment to keep track of that market sector - for example Caldari LP.

What are price alerts?

They are discord notifications when items goes above and below a user defined price trigger. They can be set up for items and portfolios.

Where do I send isk to pay for mogul?

Send isk to "Mogul Holdings" corporation in "mogul financial" alliance from any character that you have added a token for.

What are Yapi tokens?

Tokens for accessing mogul data through api. Not needed unless you are a programmer.